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Understanding student growth from many dimensions - student, subject, class, cohort etc

Our reports have been designed specifically for Australian Schools. We help reduce workload and increase productivity by automating and simplifying the collation of data for teachers and school leaders. Our reports improve teacher data literacy with easy-to-use dashboards. Filter your student information any way you need to support decision making and lesson planning.

Primary Schools use so many different internal and external assessment programs and platforms and its very sometimes very difficult to put all these products on a single page to analyse student growth. Not only that, many of the products come with different data types such as percentile range, stanine, raw score, standardised score etc. How do you put all of these different data types on the same page to monitor growth? - well the short answer - you can't without significant data crunching and data analytics.

By normalising the scores that come Class Analytics, we are able to put all your results onto one page. By normalising the raw scores that are sent in allows Class Analytics to

  • Break down the scores into different strands
  • Allow teacher to quickly identify precisely where each individual student requires additional (or extended) work
  • Work with school leaders to determine how effective a teaching strategy is, or help plan a teaching strategy from a data perspective
  • Share successful teaching strategies from other schools that may assist your school

We all know that Primary school is such an important foundation for students and this is why Class Analytics has really focused on getting good quality data in the hands of teachers to make informed decisions. 

Example: Student Growth Dashboard tracking growth of VC Scores

Example: Student Growth Dashboard tracking growth of VC Scores

Very different beast when it comes to data analysis in senior schools. Multiple classes, absenteeism, many types of assessments, external programs - the list goes on. Whats the relationship between health and wellbeing, academic performance, attendance and chronicles? Well, unless you have all this on one page, its almost impossible to determine this relationship. Is a student unhappy in mathematics but excel in business studies? 

By moving all this data onto a single page makes sense but as you can imagine, making the relationship between each different piece of data is extremely difficult. Fortunately, Class Analytics can successfully do this for you and all teachers (and students if required) can monitor and track wellbeing and academic performance. By doing this, teachers, form leaders and senior leadership can

Combining Data From Multiple Sources 

Not only do we focus on the VC scores, we are also able to map and triangulate data from almost any source (including paper scanned to us). Some of our existing schools are using data from:

  • NAPLAN, Acer/ PAT, Maths Online Interview, Essential Assessments, Oxford Reading Record, Cold Write Assessment (Scan paper to us and we extract the data for you- no data entry required), Sound Assessments (Scan paper to us and we extract the data for you- no data entry required)

These are only some of the data sources we are using within other Victorian Primary Schools. There are many more out there and we are 103% confident that if you have another source, we can add it for you. 

We have already developed reports for most data sources - however we can get data from pretty much anything - including paper - it's up to you what you need in your dashboards

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Our data visualisations provide a simple an effective way of guiding decision making in your school. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your cohorts and measure the effectiveness of your decisions. Making informed decisions using data allows:

  • What gets measured gets done.
  • Clearly defined problems lead to better decisions.
  • Data does not have a personal agenda.
  • Monitor decisions made with follow up data. 
  • Used to predict future outcomes - where to spend limited resources going forward. 

We accept any data source to compile our reports. Find out more

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