When you want to be the best, play with the best!

Microsoft have the technology and Class Analytics has the skills. This is why Microsoft has invested in Class Analytics as they know that Class Analytics can really add value to schools.

Class Analytics has been on the Microsoft Start-up program for over 12 months. A new agreement has just been signed to extend this for another 12 months due to the value Microsoft and Class Analytics see in providing superior analytics within schools all around the country.

The whole Class Analytics platform is built on top of the Microsoft Stack, meaning that all school and student data is safe within the Azure cloud. For further information on our security, please refer to our policy here.


  • Know that your school and student data is secured within Azure. All Class Analytics data is housed within Australia, following strict compliance requirements.
  • If you are already using Microsoft within your school environment, everything just connects together and works. No more 10 different logins into different systems or applications. 
  • Utilise all the benefits within the Microsoft suite that your school has already purchased. 


Does my school have to subscribe to Microsoft to use your analytics?

No - its not a requirements to use Microsoft Teams to access the Class Analytics reports. We have an online secure portal that you login to to access the same visualisations.