Microsoft Teams

Do you Use Microsoft Teams At Your School?

Microsoft Teams for Education is fast becoming the standard communication and collaboartion platform in Schools. In addition to all the new education centroc features Teams is the one place that students and teachers can share OneNote. 

Class Analytics is set up with Microsoft Teams. Within seconds, Principal’s and Teachers can access and consume school and student data directly through Teams - No need to login to our portal to access reports


  • Self-service reporting- access real time student data reports within seconds
  • Consume all your data and information through ONE App - All your data combined in one location
  • Communicate with Class Analytics directly. No need for support tickets as Class Analytics also utilises Microsoft Teams
  • Available 24/7


Microsoft Teams is becoming the future of communications within the school ecosystem. We are seeing more and more school utilising the Teams platform due to its simplicity and power for communication between teachers and with students.


Does my school have to subscribe to Microsoft to use your analytics?
No - its not a requirements to use Microsoft Teams to access the Class Analytics reports. We have an online secure portal that you login to to access the same visualisations. 

Do the Class Analytics reports need to go into one team that is setup?
No, if you have multiple teams setup within the school, you can set up which report you want within each team. E.g. If you have a mathematics team, we can display the mathematics reports within this team only.

Can my students access the Class Analytics reports through teams?
Technically yes they can but they will see all other student information. If you would like to give access to students showing only their personal information, they would need to access  the Class Analytics secure portal through SSO directly from Teams. 


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