Microsoft PowerBi

When You Have Questions, You Want Answers

Class Analytics uses best in class Data Analytics Visualisations – PowerBi. There are many visualisation products and platforms available, however we determined that PowerBi was the most logical choice. It has an extensive pre-existing userbase of developers and experts. It produces very straightforward reports that require little or no learning curve to understand. 

Why use PowerBi

  • Backed by one of the worlds largest companies
  • Know that your student and school data is secure, utilising Microsoft Azure in Australia
  • Combine data from multiple sources including Class Analytics paper to data, ACER/PAT data, NAPLAN, absenteeism and other assessment or teacher observations
  • Knowing that you have world class Analytics within your school ecosystem

Why use Class Analytics

  • We are specialists in producing data-driven reports and visualisation in the education sector
  • We talk to schools leaders daily to optimise and improve our visualisation products
  • Benefit from our existing school-centric customisations
  • We ask you to join the discussion around data

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a PowerBi Pro Licence to access your Visualisations?
No- Class Analytics takes care of this for you. We have a licence that allows you to consume as many visualisations you need 24/7. This saves a significant time in setup but more importantly, saving the school a significant amount of money as no Principal, teacher, student or parent requires a PowerBi Pro licence

We are not a Microsoft School (Google, Apple) – can we use Class Analytics for our Visualisation?
Yes, we will setup a private portals within Class Analytics that allows Principal’s, teachers, parents and students to access. You tell us who has access and we will grant access to these people.

How do I know my data is secure?
Class Analytics keeps all data within Australia and is encrypted within the Class Analytics Azure Portal. No student or school data is kept overseas, including our server backups. Please read more about our data security policy here.