Combine reports

Combine data from multiple sources

Not only do we focus on the VC scores, we are also able to map and triangulate data from almost any source (including paper scanned to us). Some of our existing schools are using data from:

  • Acer/ PAT
  • Maths Online Interview
  • Oxford Reading Record
  • Cold Write Assessment (Scan paper no data entry required)
  • Sound Assessments (Scan paper no data entry required)

These are only some of the data sources we are using within other Victorian Primary Schools. There are many more out there and we are 103% confident that if you have another source, we can add it for you. 

Cross-curriculum reporting benefits

With multiple data-points to measure, we are able to build up a complete picture of student achievement and draw these different data sources together on one page. Individually, the products listed above all have some level of reporting and analysis - which is great - but of course they provide only an isolated view - it's product-centric.

The aggregated views we provide fill the data-gap between different products and in many cases mean that teachers and school leaders only need to access one resource to get the information they need and do not need to do any data entry or complicated processing with spreadsheets - it's all already there.

In summary:

  • Multiple data points from multiple sources - all on one page
  • Explore the growth of the school, year, class and individual students in context
  • Quickly identify areas of strength and weakness to aid lesson planning and professional development.
  • Reduced administration burden, no need to mess around with spreadsheets
  • Use actual data to guide discussion

Simple data collection with no data entry

Where data can be sourced from? Any source can be aggregated into our dashboards

  • Paper Based (scan and send for Class Analytics to extract)
  • Electronic Tests and Existing Marking Books
  • In-class Observations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Learning Management Systems

Teachers can view data from multiple sources in the one location. With quick access to all the data means that there is no additional time trying to find the student data.

Lesson Planning

Class Analytics is designed for connecting assessment data to make planning precise.  Plan lessons more accurately by focusing on the 80% of students and making the addition 20% an exception. With the 20% exemptions, you can create tailored learning plans for these students so you can move them up to the 80% cohort without much trouble.

Gain Deeper and Immediate Insights

Class Analytics can accurately identify the areas that students require some additional attention as well as students that need that further work to be motivated. This is achieved by using intelligent visualisations and AI that allows cross functional reporting. Teachers can drill into class and individual student performance and monitor this over time. 

Have your reports up within hours. You will receive your own online secure school portal with the reports already loaded. We create permissions within your portal so staff can be allocated and see the correct reports.

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