360 Reporting

True 360 Reporting

The challenge - Combine multiple data sources to gain insights and forecasts into student wellbeing, academic performance and attendance. Guide decision making and measure the effectiveness of these decisions in the context of school outcomes.

One class, 1 teacher - easier to track and understand student wellbeing and academic performance? Maybe....

To get a true 360 degree view of students within Primary, you really need to combine the multiple products together to understand how your class and/or student are progressing overall. Once you have asked these questions, you can then individually dive into each product and find out more details of how they are performing. 

Taking the raw data out of each program is critical so you can dive deeper into each individual question and strand that it is related to. Performing analytics on these strands of the raw data allows teachers and school leaders to

  • Precisely understand the different strand(s) and their performance e.g. Are you good at Number and Algebra and weaker in Statistics and Probability?
  •  Grouping students into targeted learning areas
  • Understand which products are more suitable for teaching and learning for your class

Having the overview and the ability to dive into additional reports means that all the information is in one spot. No more trying to manipulate, combine and understand the data, Class Analytics has already done this for you.  

Very different beast when it comes to data analysis in senior schools. Multiple classes, absenteeism, many types of assessments, external programs - the list goes on. Whats the relationship between health and wellbeing, academic performance, attendance and chronicles? Well, unless you have all this on one page, its almost impossible to determine this relationship. Is a student unhappy in mathematics but excel in business studies? 

By moving all this data onto a single page makes sense but as you can imagine, making the relationship between each different piece of data is extremely difficult. Fortunately, Class Analytics can successfully do this for you and all teachers (and students if required) can monitor and track wellbeing and academic performance. By doing this, teachers, form leaders and senior leadership can

  • Identify summary trends and dive deeper when required
  • Allow the conversation with students about specifics within subjects
  • Identify and absenteeism trends that should be looked into
  • Are students stay on track when it comes to academic performance

The best part of the summary dashboards is that you can quickly identify the high level questions and then when required, dive deeper into the specifics on an individual level or from a form level. 

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