Class Analytics in Australian Secondary Schools

Mathematics - it's all about the Numbers

Numbers have a precise meaning – that’s a fact – probably why you signed up to be a mathematics teacher and not an English or History teacher. To understand the  numbers and track student performance over time, you need regular and accurate data and information. With time and resources completely unavailable how do we collect numbers or data on students? Read and understand how all resources work and you will find out that we can simply get daily understanding from students within the classroom with no computers or special programs.

We guarantee that teachers or schools will do

No Preparation

No Marking

No Data Entry

FREE Past Exam Papers

Within seconds, you can now find past year 12 final exam questions - all with fully worked solutions. We have taken the time to go through the last 5 years worth of papers and allocated each question to a topic and sub-topic. 

And best of all, its completely Free for all teachers and students. Perfect to understand the types of questions that will be asked. 

Past HSC Papers Past VCAA Papers

Quizzes and Diagnostics

The only way to really understand individual performance is to collect the right data at the right time. We have created 100's of sub-topic and diagnostic quizzes that can simply be printed out and given to students to complete in class.

Small but regular data will help assist in lesson planning and test preparation.

Sub-Topic Quizzes Diagnostic Quizzes

Extended Response Questions

Additional practice questions, with worked solutions, can be completed in class by students. Simply project the question up on the smart board and let the students work at their own pace to complete these questions.

Reveal the answer and fully worked solution so the students can self mark and assess. 

Extended Response Questions

Analytics and Reports

Any data and information collected needs to be presented in an easy to understand and interactive visualisation. 

With limited amount of time available between teaching, marking, students and parents, see how different interactive reports can help you build and prepare lesson plans within minutes. Use data as the basis of you planning and provide very accurate reporting when required. 

Reports and Visualisations

In-House Assessments

Imagine being able to grade and analyse each individual question in your assessment tasks. Break down that 80% into different topics and sub-topics to have a precise understanding of each student requirements going forward. 

See how this can be completed with absolutely no data entry from the teacher.  

Assessment Examples

External Maths Programs

I'm sure you are spending a lot of your budget on additional programs for students to study either at home or within the class room. How effective are these programs? Are you using multiple and want to compare their effectiveness?

Merge all external data with internal data to have the complete overview of student progression and performance. 

External Programs

#Breaking NAPLAN 2020

Not a fan of NAPLAN and the pressure it puts on schools, teachers and students. Is NAPLAN really required to understand and compare schools?

Do you have the data required to help break NAPLAN 2020?

Help Break NAPLAN 2020

Light-board Tutorials

Refresh your memory or spend some time to understand harder concepts that you may not have done for many years. 

Never experienced a light-board video? You will find that they are quite engaging for adults and students. 


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