VC Scores

Getting to grips with VC Scores

Built and designed by Primary Schools in Victoria, the VC Scores that are given to students can be used in isolation but are often part of all the combined reports. The VC scores is a great foundation and allows very close tracking and monitoring semester by semester. 

Student Growth & SWST
  • Identify 6 and 12 month growth
  • Identify your school statistics
Teacher Planning & SWST
  • Group students based on levels
  • Identify student growth over the years
  • Fantastic with triangulation of other products

Instant Growth Visual

Quickly filter all student VC scores to the individual, class, year or whole school. Monitor and track the student growth over time and look how the results have improved. 

As the VC data already exists and is so easy to upload to Class Analytics, you will have an instant visual of the last 3-5 years of student growth. 

How is the school travelling as a whole?

Did you know you can identify how many students are below, at and above the year learning levels. We see schools using this data to prepare for learning strategies as they know exactly what areas to pay closer attention in. 

Have you implemented a strategy and want to identify how well it went. The VC scores is a great method to perform this analysis as the VC score is accurately generated from all of our other products and their combined metrics. 

Knowing your class

From day 1, you will be able to see the growth of each and every student over the last 6, 12, 18 and 24 months (more if required). This is where you can quickly identify how students are travelling in all areas of the Victorian Curriculum. 

Which students are stronger in maths, englihs, science etc. WIth a few clicks, you can track the student progression from previous years and monitor them during the current year. 

Making accurate predictions of VC Score

When its time to allocate the VC score to students in all subjects, using the combined metrics along with the VC Score is an extremely accurate tool to precisely identify the correct level to identify them. 

Upload your VC scores as a first pass to make sure that you have triangulated and accurately selected the correct VC score. Once you are happy with how the VC scores look, upload them to Cases21. 

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