Automate TORCH

By grabbing a Class Analytics marking sheet, you can turn every single element of every single word into data. We convert that marking sheet into visual data that you can not only use for lesson planning, but understand how students will improve over time. 

No data entry

Student Growth & TORCH
  • Convert all results into meaningful data that can be tracked over time
  • Identify areas for growth strategies for students and/or classes.
  • Use with other assessments to triangulate data
Teacher Planning & TORCH
  • All data entered automatically through specialised marking sheet.
  • Use norm and other tables to identify student performance
  • No data entry, no table lockups

Turning words to data

To be able to track growth, TORCH uses a number of lookup tables that can help track and monitor student performance. Are students meeting the expected performance from a particular text?

The breakdown of individual sections in each text can be analysed not only on a right/wrong answer, but also more meaningful data when connected to the TORCH lookup tables. Best of all, these lookup tables have a lot of numbers and numbers are far easier to track and monitor over time. 

School strategy made easy

Whether you are checking up on the success of the strategy for reading and comprehension or creating one, having the right data to baseline and track against is so important. 

Not only can you use the values in the lookup tables, you can simply compare TORCH against other assessment platforms to triangulate the data. Did you have something in mind that you wanted to compare TORCH to so its not just a stand alone assessment?

Greater insights

Not only are you looking at the student final mark, using the lookup tables, you can compare and measure the patterns of responses ("locate", "Locate, INTERPRET and infer", "Interpret, infer and USE". 

Using the tables will give you an indication of students stanine and percentile rank for the year they are currently in. You may use this data for more specific focus groups within the class.  

No interpretation required (by you anyway)

Yep, thats right - Just use the Class Analytics marking sheet and you can simply tick the correct responses and all your marking will be interpreted and all the lookup values will be done for you. 

Not only will the current data be available after the student has completed the quiz, you will be able to look back and choose the most suitable passage for the student to complete based on their previous results. 

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