By grabbing a Class Analytics marking sheet, you can turn every single element of every single word into data. We convert that marking sheet into visual data that you can not only use for lesson planning, but understand how students will improve over time. 

Student Growth & Soundwaves
  • Compare Year on Year of Growth
  • Did spelling implementation plan work?
Teacher Planning & Soundwaves
  • Spend the time analysing the results than entering data
  • Plan lessons around class and individual results
  • Dive deeper into the data for better understanding of where the students are going wrong

With only two tests available, lower years and upper years, progression over time is a very useful tool to ensure that each and every student is improving year on year. 

Rather than digging out the last years results, know that every year, the student results will show up in your class list and you can continue the work of the teacher from the previous year(s). 

A single point of data is not very useful for student growth visual but if you  track over a number of years, you will start to really understand the individual student. 

How do you tell if your implementation plan work? What other factors can you compare it to? 

Due to a large number of schools using Soundwaves, we are able to provide our own analytics on a much larger pool of student results. We are able to throw all the results in our analytics crunching machine and it will determine how effective your implementation plan was. 

If you had an implementation plan that really worked, why not share it with other schools that may be facing the same issues. 

Everything is already coded in the back end so the only thing that you need to do is to tick a few boxes on a student marking sheet and thats pretty much it. 

It takes approximately 20 minutes to enter the data in manually per student and then you need to build the graphs. It takes about 2 minutes to tick the boxes on the marking sheet and then you dont need to build any graphs - its all done. 

Get rid of all data entry and use the time to monitor and track the student results.

With each word already broken down on the marking sheet, you can quickly and simply see which area of spelling the class and/or individual needs additional help with. 

R Influenced Vowels, Short Vowel Single Graphemes, Prefixes + the rest - find out very quickly which areas require to focus on in the coming weeks and term, putting in a teaching plan to really help and build your students understanding and confidence in spelling.  

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