Using Single Word Spelling Test For Reporting?

Drilldown into spelling

Do you know how many lookup tables exist for the Single Word Spelling Test (SWST)? Have you tried to match each student to the available lookup tables?  As you may be aware, it can be extremely difficult to combine, monitor and track how your students are performing via these tables - we know this because we have done it. 

Take spelling to the next level with data analytics thanks to the hard work by a number of schools. These spelling visuals have been built specifically by teachers and Principals to get the most out of every single spelling word. 

Student Growth & SWST
  • Track their growth based on calculated standardised score
  • Track and monitor if students are above or below their reading age
  • Monitor and track student / school spelling strategies
Teacher Planning & SWST
  • Each word broken down into its individual elements
  • Break down the class spelling into these elements
  • Take away the data entry by using our marking sheets.

The Lookup Tables

All the lookup tables play and extremely important role in tracking and monitoring student growth over time. Map the students scale score and reading level/age over multiple semesters and years. 

The details is absolutely amazing in these lookup tables so its really important that you match every student to every point within these tables. 

Now, time to track...

With all the students mapped to each element in the lookup tables, its very easy to monitor and track student spelling over time. 

Did you want to monitor progression via the standardised score, the students spelling age or how far above or below they are with spelling. Luckily, Class Analytics has put all these metrics in for you so you can decide yourself. 

The word elements

Each word in the SWST has been broken down into multiple elements to capture common errors within each word. By understanding each element of each word, you are no longer just looking at the individual word, you are looking up all the parts of all the words. 

E.g.  SWST Test C has 188 elements ranging from beg. consonant graph, middle vowel graph, final consonant graph and many more. This is definitely a different perspective to look at when it comes to spelling.  

No data entry or analytics required from you

That is right - you do not need to enter in any data to take advantage of student tracking and our analytics. Class Analytics has created a bespoke marking sheet that allows teachers to tick a few boxes and scan to Class Analytics. I hear that people do the marking in front of the TV.

This makes the marking and analysis of spelling a quick and easy solution for the teacher. A lot of fine tuning has gone into the systems that allow Class Analytics to take the paper and convert it into data within the hour.