Using ACER Progressive Achievement (PAT) For Reporting

Doing PAT every year allows you to monitor and track student progression over a 6 or 12 month period. While you get a raw score, stanine, scale score and percentile, Class Analytics has taken the data and run it through our own analytics machine. 

Sure you can click through the visuals of PAT but with our own analytics, you might find some more and interesting insights. 


Student Growth & PAT
  • Breaking down each component of PAT to understand Growth
  • Pulling apart the results and building up each component
  • Review previous teaching strategies to determine effectiveness.
Teacher Planning & PAT
  • Understand the individual question requirements for lesson planning
  • Focus on questions that students an/or class are struggling with

Used for PAT Maths, PAT Reading, PAT Writing, PAT Science - 1 or all the PAT's

How Is PAT Effective?

Breaking down PAT allows you to understand each individual strand and look at the student growth over the time between PAT tests. Instead of having the final stanine, Class Analytics has broken down each strand in maths, reading and writing so you can specifically look at the different components of each subject. 

PAT is a great tool for 'book ending' a semester or year. Are your implementation plans in certain strands been effective - are your students getting the growth as planned?

PAT can compare against basically anything!

If you have introduced a new program or strategy in teaching, PAT will be the best tool to determine the effectiveness of this tool. As PAT is comparing against individual curriculum elements, see how effective your teaching strategies have been and if the programs that you have spent a lot of time and money on have really paid off. 

In this example, we want to compare the stanine growth of students within each strand and determine if there has been any movement or improvement in the student growth relative to other students in the state and country. 

PAT allows the opportunity to see where students may be excelling and/or struggling. Use the teacher planning tool for PAT to understand the class and individual learning requirements.

PAT Question Helper

Go through question by question to see how the class and individual student has performed. Drill into individual strands and then questions to look how your class answered the question. 

Teachers often like to review questions that had the greatest challenge to most students. See what this question is about and how the students have answered it.  

Grouping Students

Create specific student groups to build their knowledge in certain areas. Knowing that 40% of students answer the same incorrect response - which students were these? Quickly and easily group students into these groups to learn and build on specific requirements, saving time in going from student to student in teaching the same concept. Bring these students together and create a small learning group. 

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