Maths Online Interview

How is growth determined?

MOI produces an output report that states the most recent progression level for the individual student but does not take into account the growth over time of the student. 

Every time a MOI result is uploaded to Class Analytics, we capture the level achieved at that point of time. Therefore, each time a result is uploaded, we are capturing the achievement at that time and can therefore, create a growth metric on how each class and/or student are progressing. 

Tracking Student Growth

Now that Class Analytics is creating a time stamp on the progress, you can see how the student has grown over the last 6, 12 and 18 months. 

Are there individual students that are not getting the required and expected growth. Quickly and easily see this on a line chart and take the required steps if you are identifying a student is starting to fall behind others in the cohort. 

Student Growth and MOI
  • Understand the growth of students between each MOI assessment piece
  • Track individual student progression over 6, 12, 18+ months
Teacher Planning and MOI
  • Plan lessons according to student requirements
  • Group students in groups for effective teaching

Student Group Creation

Either done per class or year, group students into their individual requirements so resources can be tailored the the individual requirements of the students. 

Example: In year 4, find all students that are below C-5 (Addition and Subtraction) and provide the right resources to help bring these students up to the rest of the class.  

Precise Lesson Planning

Now that the groups have been created and students segmented into their required groups, now specific lessons plans and resources can be allocated to these groups. Whether you bring in external resources, allocate them specif resources, you can quickly bring these students up to speed and monitor their progression. 

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