Using Essential Assessments For Reporting

Extended Reporting with Essential

Essential Assessments already has great reporting functionality, however the views provided are "product-centric" - in other words they only measure their own product in reports.

Class Analytics can process raw data from Essential Assessments and enhance the in-built reporting by making the data available for combined reports and student growth measurements.

Our dashboards combine results from other products with those from Essential - the result is that our reports become "student-centric" looking at many dimensions rather than just from a single perspective.

Student Growth & Essential Assessments
  • Monitor external progression through Stanine Growth
  • Compare results and growth against other internal and external assessments.
  • Use collected data to help drive strategic learning decisions.
Teacher Planning & Essential Assessments
  • Use EA's great internal content and results for lesson planning.
  • Combining the Summary and ASR report output onto a single page to monitor student and class progression.
  • Looking at other ways to slice and dice the output data.

Where does Essential fit within Student Growth?

Essential Assessment is the perfect tool to use to fill in all the gaps between other external assessment platforms that only test once a year (PAT Maths etc) or every 2 years (NAPLAN). Essential Assessment really fills in the gaps extremely well between the long gaps so you can make more real time decision based on the Essential Assessment Data. Once a PAT or NAPLAN, compare these results to ensure that your strategies remain on track.

Example Strategy: I want to improve year 3 Number and Algebra over the next 2 terms to bring them up to a stanine rating on 5 or more. 

What Platforms have you compared Essential Assessment to?

We can compare Essential Assessment maths against other maths platforms such as; Mathsonline Interview, On Demand, PAT-Maths, NAPLAN, Mathletics and any other maths platform that you use in the school. 

While we use the Essential Assessments to monitor and track student growth over time, we have also created some data-to-day visuals that may be useful to help prepare lesson plans.

Pre-Mid-Post Results Visualisation

A few simple clicks will allow you to compare pre-mid and post results for year levels, class and individual student levels. 

Achievement Standard Results (ASR)

You have an option to analyse the ASR through clicking through the report to drill right down into the different components.