Using Cold Write For Reporting

Cold Write in cross curriculum reporting

How do we take a paper based, term test and convert it into student growth and teacher assessment? Class Analytics allows each Cold Write assessment to be converted into data and analysed and tracked over time. By quickly and simply digitising individual student results allows teacher and school leaders to see all results over time on a dynamic visual. 

Digitising individual student results

With so much time taken to analyse individual student results, Class Analytics has prepared a teacher marking sheet that allows the results to be recorded on paper and then simply scanned and uploaded for full analysis and diagnosis. 

Class Analytics takes the marks of students from paper and then converts this onto a visual where the teacher can analyse the students results over time and make planning decisions on the class and student progression. 

The Cold Write visual

The Cold Write visual is an extremely powerful tool because teachers can monitor their current students as well as look back over the previous years to look at the individual growth of the student and class. 

By simply pressing and sliding a few buttons on the screen, the teacher can look and prepare lessons going forward based on the results and requirements of the class and the student. 

Teacher Planning & Cold Write
  • Assign a Victorian Curriculum score to each student, based on the writing sample
  • Identify future teaching goals for individual studentsl
  • Identify future writing lesson focuses for students (individual, small group, whole class or cohort)
  • Audit current teaching of writing: what is working and where are the gaps