Class Analytics in Australian Primary Schools

Student Growth Reporting - Dashboards

Make data driven decisions, measure effectiveness

Our reports have been designed specifically for Victorian* Primary Schools. We help reduce workload and increase productivity by automating and simplifying the collation of data for teachers and school leaders. These reports improve teacher data literacy with easy-to-use dashboards and filters your student information any way you need to support decision making and lesson planning.

*If you are not in Victoria, all is not lost we will be extending our services to other states soon - simply register your interest so we can keep you informed.

Our student growth dashboards are individually tailored to the needs of your school. We recognize that every school is different, has different objectives and uses different teaching tools. Click the button below for more information about our Student Growth Dashboards and what it could mean for your school.

We have already developed reports for most data sources - however we can get data from pretty much anything - including paper - it's up to you what you need in your dashboards

Free to try
If you simply want to use our dashboards to visualise your VC scores - you can!
Tailored Reports
Every school is unique - we tailor reports to your individual reporting needs.
Unlimited users
Register before the end of the year and add as many teachers as you need at no extra cost

Our data visualisations provide a simple an effective way of guiding decision making in your school. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your cohorts and measure the effectiveness of your decisions. Making informed decisions using data allows:

  • What gets measured gets done.
  • Clearly defined problems lead to better decisions.
  • Data does not have a personal agenda.
  • Monitor decisions made with follow up data. 
  • Used to predict future outcomes - where to spend limited resources going forward. 

We accept any data source to compile our reports. Find out more

Risk free and inexpensive
Sign up for your Student Growth Dashboard and we will load VC Scores for free. If you wish to expand your dashboard to include other metrics you will find our fees are very reasonable
Digital Insights
Our reports allow you to get a true snapshot of whats going on in your school - all on a few pages. This allows you to make decisions and measure the effectiveness of those decisions
360 Reporting
Gain insights for the whole school, or drill down to years, classes and individual students or groups of students.

More info

Have your reports up within hours. You will receive your own online secure school portal with the reports already loaded. We create permissions within your portal so staff can be allocated and see the correct reports.

DIY Demo

Explore our demonstration school to get a feel for how our student growth dashboards work.

Explore demo dashboard

How much?

We understand that we can get our VC Scores loaded in the Student Growth Dashboard for free, but how much does your service cost if we want to add more datapoints?

If you are a primary school in Victoria you can use our online quote tool to get an indication of the service costs, and how much you will save if you register early. 

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Launching 2020

Our student growth dashboards will be available in other states in 2020. Please give us a coll on the number below to discuss your needs.