Over 150 years’ experience of teaching and analytics into data visualisations

Philip Dooley MBA

CEO & Founder

Philip is an expert in working with data across industries. Understanding the right data to collect and then being able to communicate visual outcomes to the end user is a skill Philip has acquired over many years.

Simon Probert

General Manager

Simon is a serial education technology entrepreneur with a background in consulting. Class Analytics holds true to his philosophy of using technology to support the needs of users rather than the users feeling that they support the needs of the technology.

John Lin


John Lin has been in the IT industry for more than 30 years working for multinational IT companies. John is focused on harnessing Bigdata, Cloud and AI in helping educators meet their pedagogy goals.

John Kinny-Lewis

Director of Mathematics

John has taught for over 45 years and believes that informative feedback to teacher and student is critical to understand individual student performance.

Sam Betts

Lead Data Modeller

Sam has spent most of his professional career forecasting using big data and brings this experience to Class Analytics.

Simon Free

Education and Data Advisor

Simon brings both experience in Education and analytics to the Class Analytics team. Simon graduated with a Bachelor of Education at Griffith University in Queensland.