Get started today

Have your reports up within hours. You will receive your own online secure school portal with the reports already loaded. We create permissions within your portal so staff can be allocated and see the correct reports. 

Primary Schools

All that we require is some data from your school. This may include but is not limited to

  • State Curriculum Scores across multiple years (generally 18 - 24 months)
  • External assessment programs that you may use. This may include
    • PAT / ACER results 
    • ICAS reports and results
    • Cold Write Assessment
    • Reading records
    • etc

Please be aware that if you are collecting data via paper, we can set you up on our paper to data scanning system where we will convert all teacher observations and paper tasks into data to visualise on our reports.  

Get in touch at so we can organise a quick online or face-to-face meeting to understand your exact requirements. 

Secondary Schools

Currently Class Analytics is focusing on Year 11 and Year 12 Mathematics. We have created diagnostic quizzes that are completed within the classroom (paper and pen) and provide advanced analytics on class and student performance. In addition to our diagnostic quizzes, we would like to analyse your term maths paper and provide advanced analytics on how all students performed each term. 

To get started this week, get in touch and we can immediately send across some diagnostic quizzes that can be used in the classroom straight away. Tell us what topic you are currently studying and we will send these quizzes across to you. Just remember, no marking required as you take these completed quizzes and scan them to Class Analytics to analyse. 

We are very happy for you to try out our quizzes and no charge or commitment to ensure that it adds value to you and the students. Get in touch at and we will send the required diagnostic quizzes back to you.