Demo Schools

We have two demonstrations currently available. These resources and reports use fake data and do not represent real schools but they should give you a good idea of how other schools are benefiting from using Class Analytics

Primary School - Student Growth Report

The Savanna demo school shows a typical primary school in Victoria. The data is drawn from multiple sources, in this case the bi-annual VC (Victorian Curriculum) reports. Big Write and Oxford - two common literacy platforms. On the main tab you will see the student growth report, be sure to check the second tab as well for a comparison report.

Your school may use different internal or external assessment programs or observations sheets to understand individual student performance. Class Analytics is able to build your reports on the data that you have available.

While our primary school demo is Victoria-centric, of course these principles apply to every state. Just as every school is unique - every state has unique requirements

Secondary School - Mathematics Revision

Completely aligned to your states syllabus and IB, Class Analytics bring diagnostic tests to the next level. Use Class Analytics mathematics tools for advanced benefits

  • No more preparing in class revision question or diagnostic quizzes
  • No more marking required as its marked automatically
  • Done with pen and paper within the classroom
  • Hello advanced analytics on how my students are going

By having this data available, as a teacher, you will be able to answer the following questions within minutes. 

  • Are my students understanding the concepts that have been taught?
  • Do I need to refresh particular concepts before moving forward?
  • Should I pay closer attention to individual students so they don’t get left behind?