Deep Insights

Students who receive a blend of teacher-directed and inquiry-based instruction have the best outcomes.

McKinsey & Company identified that when teachers took the lead of learning, scores in students was generally higher than inquiry-based learning by students. They conclude that it is only when students master enough content—usually through teacher-led classes—that they can fully benefit from inquiry-based learning. (McKinsey Analysis - OECD PISA 2015)

Class Analytics is a tool that teachers can utilise within the classroom to further understand and identify areas that students require attention. Using these tools below allows teachers to have a valuable and rich insight into student performance and wellbeing. 

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Student wellbeing and work habits

Collect data via in-class surveys when and where you need to. It takes less than 3 minutes to survey the class when they first sit down. The benefits of tracking well being and student work habits

  • Wellbeing- Allow to capture more data on student wellbeing to understand their mindset.
  • Work Habits- Allow teachers to make an assessment on how the student is progressing


With so many topics building on from one another, monitor and track student performance within mathematics and science. Understand student progress through a variety of different reports which include

  • Teacher and Head of Department Reports that compare topic(s) results within class tests and assessments
  • Monitor student progression against acara elements for the term and the whole year


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What type of school are you?

No matter what type of school you are, Class Analytics has a solution that can deliver deep insights. Every school is unique in terms of their specific circumstances, assessment tools and data sources. School leaders on the other hand are faced with the same questions on a daily basis - questions that we can help answer.


Understand what is driving student growth across maths, reading and writing. Comparing and utilising teacher observations, external academic programs, wellbeing assessments and attendance data, teachers and school leaders will have a full 360 degree of a student.

Turn all your paper observations and assessment tasks into data by simply scanning your pages to Class Analytics.


With students moving around class-to-class, its even more important to understand how they are progressing as a whole. By combining data of the student across multiple subjects, data collected will help inform school leaders the health and wellbeing of an individual student.