Top Layer - The Complete Picture

  • Base line of all your data on a single page
  • Triangulation of all your data
  • Identify trends between different data systems (PAT, NAPLAN, Academic, Wellbeing)

The top layer page is the first page that all teachers and school leaders will always land on. This page gives a complete overview of the entire school but can easily be filtered down to year, class or even the individual student. 

Middle Layer - Deep Dive in Data

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Specific annotated data
  • The complete and detailed data analysis.

A drill through to identify individual student levels in academic and wellbeing. Allows you to focus more specifically on what skills are required by the class or individual student.

Bottom Layer - Insights

  • Student Prediction
  • Machine Learning
  • Student Goal setting and tracking

To achieve goals in the future, what need to be done now and in the short term to achieve the end goals? Combining all data from all different sources will allow Class Analytics to run nth degree polynomial regression lines to ensure that all students remain on track to achieve a years growth for a years learning.

David Hall, Senior School Campus Principal at Sandringham College, has been through a school data journey. From building an internal product himself as well as looking for other products on the markets, David's journey will highlight his lessons learnt and may provide the information you need to start to explore your own data journey. 

multi-dimensional dashboards

Our state-of-the-art dashboards bring multiple data sources together to provide a true 360 view of how the school and student is performing against its academic targets.

These dashboards put the student at the center. By combining multiple data streams over many years, we can provide true and accurate student growth reports.  By understanding past and present growth, we can create future academic predictions on individual students.

We recognize that every school is different, has different objectives and uses different teaching tools. Our student growth dashboards are individually tailored to the needs of your school.