What type of school are you?

Understand your data, understand your school

Class Analytics combine data from many sources - spreadsheets, management systems and traditional sources such as paper.
Make data-driven decisions, plan resources and forecast student outcomes.

Student Growth Reporting

Our state-of-the-art dashboards bring multiple data sources together to provide a true 360 view of how the school and student is performing against its academic targets.

These dashboards put the student at the center. By combining multiple data streams over many years, we can provide true and accurate student growth reports.  By understanding past and present growth, we can create future academic predictions on individual students.

We recognize that every school is different, has different objectives and uses different teaching tools. Our student growth dashboards are individually tailored to the needs of your school.

Multiple data sources

Simple data collection with no data entry

Where data can be sourced from? Any source can be aggregated into our dashboards

  • Paper Based (scan and send for Class Analytics to extract)
  • Electronic Tests and Existing Marking Books
  • In-class Observations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Learning Management Systems

Teachers can view data from multiple sources in the one location. With quick access to all the data means that there is no additional time trying to find the student data.

Diagnostics & Lesson Planning

Gain Deeper and Immediate Insights

Class Analytics can accurately identify the areas that students require some additional attention as well as students that need that further work to be motivated. This is achieved by using intelligent visualisations and AI that allows cross functional reporting. Teachers can drill into class and individual student performance and monitor this over time.  

Lesson Planning

Class Analytics is designed for connecting assessment data to make planning precise.  Plan lessons more accurately by focusing on the 80% of students and making the addition 20% an exception. With the 20% exemptions, you can create tailored learning plans for these students so you can move them up to the 80% cohort without much trouble.

What next?

Primary Schools

Use our visualisations and reports to allow cross functional reporting – having multiple assessment platforms on the one page. Having everything linked together means 1 source of truth.

Have a precise understanding of academic achievements and requirements for each individual student within seconds.

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Use our free diagnostic and quiz resources to have a precise understanding of student performance and growth. All our quizzes are already prepared for every topic and sub-topic.

No preparation, no marking and no data entry. Everything is done with pen and paper - removing the technology barrier – allowing the students to focus on the questions at hand.  While these are great benefits, it’s also free for schools. 

Secondary Schools


Cut down tutoring and other external education related expenses by over 90% by using Class Analytics. Use our online resources to not only diagnose and find any issues, you can use our video tutorials and practice questions to confirm learning.  

Get started with our free past exam papers – all with worked solutions.