Converting in-class test

and assessment results

into actionable visualisations.

Why Class Analytics?

Class analytics helps schools bring paper and electronic assessment results to life through real time easy to use visualisations. Our personalised visualisations allow teachers and schools to quickly track, map and monitor individual students progress over time.

Our Process

1. Extract Valuable Information From Internal School Tests Within Minutes


Student Exams

Students complete tests and/or quizzes in class with pen and paper as normal


Scan Answered Exams

Teacher scans completed student papers to Class Analytics for detailed analysis on the entire paper.


Visualise Student Results

Click through our custom visualisations that can be found on the Class Analytics App Store to understand student performance. 

2. Collect Data From Internal and External Providers To Understand The Whole Picture

  • Taking data from PAT, ICAS or other assessment products and combine with school data

  • Bringing in data from external content providers to see if they are actually adding value to your teaching

  • Utilising data already collected within your school to track student performance over time

3. Automate Your School Data And Analytics Through App Store Visualisations

Save teachers time by using visualisations that enhance student results, for both teachers and parents


Numeracy Tracking


Student Results


Parent Reporting

Reporting that changes everything

Whether it be a teacher finding a student’s growth and their skill levels or a parent wanting an academic update, can you point out the exact areas the student should work on?

What if you and parents could understand  student progress and improvement after every exam?

Why Use Class Analytics?

Expert Team

The Class Analytics team has over 80 year experience in dealing with data

Fast & Quick Support

Based in Australia so we are only a phone call away. 

Quality Service

Making data sing for the end user is complex but when done right, you would not have it any other way.


Tailored and reliable learning and data packages that will suit all your requirements


Complimentary training for teachers and full on-boarding


Provide support through a desdicated representitive who will look after your school

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