Understand your data, understand your school

Make data-driven decisions, plan resources and forecast student outcomes


With Class Analytics you can combine data from many sources - spreadsheets, learning management systems, student management systems and even traditional sources such as paper. Our state-of-the-art visualisations bring these data sources together to provide a true 360 view of how the school is performing against it's academic targets

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Make Decisions

Our data visualisations provide a simple an effective way of guiding decision making in your school. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your cohorts and measure the effectiveness of your decisions. Making informed decisions using data allows:

  • What gets measured gets done.
  • Clearly defined problems lead to better decisions.
  • Data does not have a personal agenda.
  • Monitor decisions made with follow up data. 
  • Used to predict future outcomes - where to spend limited resources going forward. 

We accept any data source to compile our reports. Find out more

Measure Outcomes

Decisions cannot be made in isolation - with class analytics you also measure outcomes. Review historical decision points and compare forecasted outcomes with actual outcomes

Our visualisations have been designed in conjunction with school leaders to provide straightforward and understandable dashboards. Check out some examples for yourself on the link below

Easy to use

Easy to understand gauges show how your growth average is tracking against expectations

Easy to understand gauges show how your growth average is tracking against expectations

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Deep Insights

Allowing teachers to gain deeper and immediate insights

Cross functional reporting- Class Analytics uses intelligent visualisations that allow teachers to drill into class and individual student performance - creating individual learning plans for students.

Eliminating Data Entry While Getting Greater Insights

So much student information is kept on paper copies but transferring this information to excel is not possible.

By simply scanning the paper results to Class Analytics, this data can be converted into data and visualisations within minutes. With the shift in technology, no more data should be manually entered into spreadsheets as it is a waste of time and resource.

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Data Sources

Simple data collection with no data entry

Where data can be collected from. Any source can be aggregated into our visualisation

  • Paper Based
  • Electronic Tests and Existing Marking Books
  • In-class Observations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Learning Management Systems

Teachers can view data from multiple sources in the one location. With quick access to all the data means that there is no additional time trying to find the student data.

Class Analytics and Microsoft

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Class Analytics and Microsoft PowerBi

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Class Analytics and Microsoft Teams

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