Enhance your school data

Bring student wellbeing and academic performance
front and centre through visualisations

Join the growing number of schools tracking individual student
performance through analytics

Simple data collection with no data entry

Where data can be collected from. Any source can be aggregated into our visualisation

  • Paper Based
  • Electronic Tests and Existing Marking Books
  • In-class Observations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Learning Management Systems

Teachers can view data from multiple sources in the one location. With quick access to all the data means that there is no additional time trying to find the student data.

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Allowing teachers to gain deeper and immediate insights

Cross functional reporting- Class Analytics uses intelligent visualisations that allow teachers to drill into class and individual student performance - creating individual learning plans for students.

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Parent reporting- a real game changer

Keep parents up to date with student progress reports. The benefits of sending reports to the parents

  • They remain up-to-date on student wellbeing and academic performance.
  • Control what information / data you want parents to have access to.
  • Create a very visual report with the right information.
  • Parents don't need to call the teachers every week for an update.

Allow parents to access student reports real time. This allows the parents self service to the reports you want them to see.